You simply pick the one dog that you think will win each race, and then you will get points for your team if the dog finishes in the top four spots. A win is worth 16 points, second place is worth 10 points, third place is worth 8 points and fourth place is worth 6 points. If your dog finishes in fifth through eighth place or is scratched, your team gets zero points for that race. Check out the Derby Lane website at They have one of the best dog track web sites around, featuring replays, entries, stats and live racing. racing1
Once you make your picks, use the drop-down form on the FGRL Home Page to enter your picks for all races on the Saturday evening card. The deadline for entries is 3 p.m. CT (4 p.m. ET) each Saturday. Your official entry time will be the time posted on your submission. Go ahead give it a try and have some fun.
After all of the submissions are received, you will then receive a score sheet via email with everybody’s picks so you can follow along on the internet.
Dead-heats and ties in standings:There are a couple of tie-breaking rules that the FGRL uses. If there is a dead-heat in a race, the points for the two spots are added up and divided. For example, if there is a dead-heat for first, we take the points for first place (16) and second place (10), add them together and divide by two. In this example each player who had a greyhound involved in the dead-heat would receive 13 points.If there is a tie in the standings at the end of a game, we use the overall linescore as a tiebreaker starting with 1st-place finishers. If the number of winners does not break the tie, we move on to 2nd-place finishers and so on. If the linescores are exactly the same, we have an official tie. However, in tournament play where we need a definite winner, we expand the tie-breaking process. The next tiebreaker is points won in all Grade A races that night. If the match is still tied, we move on to Grade B, Grade C, Grade D and Maiden races until the tie is broken.